Rules for Enforcement Action against Non compliance

Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-compliance on

  1. Principles and Standards of Imposing Enforcement Action against Users’ Non-compliance on

1. Principles of Disciplinary Action against Non-compliance has the right to determine its sole discretion the conduct of users in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, and impose enforcement action accordingly. As for other acts of non-compliance not covered herein that damage the interests of other users or, may impose enforcement action in light of the circumstances and supplement these Rules in a timely manner. Relevant enforcement action imposed by in accordance with these Rules does not exempt users from any indemnity or other liabilities that should be assumed by such users under applicable laws, regulations, other Relevant Rules, and relevant service agreements with

2. Standards of Enforcement Action against Non-compliance on

Enforcement action against acts of non-compliance by users on is determined by adopting a points-based system, i.e., there are certain penalty points corresponding to various user acts of non-compliance and enforcement action will be imposed accordingly when the accumulative penalty points reach a certain level. Unless otherwise specified, penalty points incurred across will be recorded in an integrated system and calculated for penalty purposes. is not restricted in deciding how to impose enforcement action against users merely based on penalty points.

Standards of points-based enforcement action against non-compliance on are set forth in the table below:

Penalty points cumulatively incurredEnforcement actionsRemarks
6 pointsIssuance of severe warningEmail notification
12 pointsRestriction for 7 daysEmail notification and automatic enforcement of penalty by system
24 pointsRestriction for 14 days
36 pointsRestriction for 21 days+Removing all products
48 pointsTermination of membershipNot applicable
Note: a) In case of extremely serious non-compliance, has the right to immediately terminate the agreement unilaterally and close the account without refunding service fees for the remaining period, and also has the right to announce the same on and/or other media, impose associated penalties and/or permanent refusal of cooperation and other enforcement actions.  b) Restriction includes but is not limited to blocking of search results, blocking of mini-site, restricting the submission and edits of new listings, etc. c) Where the cumulative penalty points of a user reach 24 points or above, has the right to refuse or restrict such user’s participation in various promotions and marketing activities on or to use the products/services.  d) Points are cumulatively calculated on a yearly basis, which means that all penalty points are on record for a 365-day period, except where enforcement action of closing the account has been imposed.  

And Standards of Serious infringement of Intellectual Property Right are as below:

Number of StrikesEnforcement
First StrikeRestriction for 7 days+Examination (Restriction for 30 days if the examination is not passed within 7 days)
Second StrikeRestriction for 14 days+Examination (Restriction for 60 days if the examination is not passed within 14 days)
Third StrikeAccount termination
Notes:  “3 Strikes” is adopted as a principle of penalizing serious intellectual property rights infringements on Every complaint about serious infringements is counted as one strike; multiple complaints of serious infringements against the same user within three days shall be counted as one strike. The relevant time is calculated from the time when the first complaint is received. The account will be terminated once three strikes are accumulated on the same user.The term “complaint” herein refers to a complaint that is successful, including circumstances where a complaint is filed but no counter-notice is submitted by the user within the specified time limit, or where the counter-notice submitted by the user is rejected.Except for the terminated accounts caused by 3 strikes, the user receiving a strike is required to pass the intellectual property rights tutorial and examination every time. The user who passes the examination can recover its account to normal status upon the end of the restriction term.Restriction includes but is not limited to blocking of search results, blocking of mini-site, etc.The strike caused by serious infringement is recorded for 365 days. The number of strikes is cumulative in a 365-day rolling basis. reserves the right to terminate membership agreement or service agreement, membership account and any and all accounts determined to be related to such an account by unilaterally in its discretion and/or to implement other measures that considers appropriate, should a user be found committed in very serious infringement or investigated by judiciary/enforcement authorities with respect to suspected infringements.

II. Detailed Rules on Penalty Points Incurred for Non-compliance of Users on

1. Non-compliance in Posting Information

Where a user posts any information in violation of the posting rules, has the right to reject/delete the non-compliant information and take corresponding enforcement actions, including but not limited to, accumulating penalty points for non-compliance, refusing to allow the user to participate in various activities or use of various services on, restricting the user’s access to their account and closing the account, etc.

1.1 Enforcement action against displaying prohibited and controlled items: Where a user posts any relevant information in violation of rules on displaying prohibited and controlled items, has the right to impose enforcement action against such non-compliance in accordance with the Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items

1.2 Enforcement action against intellectual property right infringement: Where a user posts any information containing others’ intellectual property rights, has the right to impose enforcement action against the same in accordance with the Enforcement Actions for Intellectual Property Right Infringement Claims

2. Enforcement Action against non-compliance of Transactions

Where a user violates transaction-related rules on, has the right to impose enforcement action against such non-compliance in accordance with the Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions

In addition to the above, where a user commits other acts that violate Relevant Rules on or damage the rights and interests of other users or, has the right to impose relevant enforcement action depending on the circumstances.