Who Are We!?

We are the most advanced platform for online market in Sierra Leone hosting thousands of products and delivering the best service for you to present your products with us!

Our Vision

We aim to unite the market search in Sierra Leone and make it easier to get exposure to your entire stock hence fulfilling our Goal increasing your sales exponentially and Maximise your profit!

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Joining is as easy as a mouse click! Fill in your information and start Earning Money Instantaneously! For any enquiry do not hesitate to contact us!

What we really do?

We are online service providers to shops and sales-persons interested in having a greater exposure to their products and to the maximum number of people possible. We provide every possible tool needed to make your store and products more desirable to the buyer. By choosing our service you also get access to online accounting which makes your accounting life easier. No more endless time balancing your sheet and making errors, with Afrispress reports you get all your sheets balanced and ready to download with a click of a button.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite the market in Sierra Leone maximising exposure of every product and making access easier to anyone interested with a click of a button. We work on making the online market in Sierra Leone more advanced and most importantly appealing to use by every user in order to advance in making online exposure better.

Tools we provide

By joining us now, you get access to all the tools that would help you create the best experience for your clients with the aim of maximising your profit and sales exponentially! Create coupons, special offers, downloadable products, virtual products, customise you personal store policy, provide state of the art support to make your clients comfortable doing business with you, create a community with buyers that can follow you to see your latest releases, connect all of your social media and website details to redirect buyers to your other stores and get the best experience from our tools. Of course not forgetting all the accounting and reports tools available with the click of a button!

Start selling with Us!

To start selling with us, all you need to do is sign-up, provide your information and confirming your contact details. Following these simple steps will create an account that you can access whenever you want and customise to your liking. Start to instantly sell on our website and start noticing your Huge increase in revenue and Profit! Contact us to advertise your company to the whole country and get your name the most common and seen through-out the internet in Sierra Leone!

Our Services

Do you have any question? Do not hesitate to contact our support team that is available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if your message doesn’t get answered within 24 hours, please accept our sincere apology and know we are working on getting on to your request as soon as possible.

We are the most advanced online market place in Sierra Leone. Our product is the top quality available and will always be updated to be the best and accommodate all of our users’ needs and wants to help Maximise PROFIT!

COMING SOON! fastest delivery in FREETOWN linking all shops with same day delivery on all of our items as we strive to raise the bar too high for any competition.

A 24/7 support team is ready to receive your enquires and happily answer all of your questions regarding any problem, issue, or clarification you might need to be able to comfortably use our service!

We strive with all of our services, teams and tools to keep our customers as happy as possible and satisfied with the quality of service they are receiving now and always. Never settling, always improving!